Trails Maps

In carrying out the plan to provide recreational facilities, trails for walking and horseback riding were set aside in each new section to provide an interconnected network of dedicated trails throughout Hunters Valley. They are shown on official plats and in deeds, so that in the future, the trails will be available to residents and to other members of the HVA who are members of the HVRC. The Wickens family still owns some of the paths in the older sections of Hunters Valley. In the new sections of Wickens Road and in Hunters Valley North, the trails are easements on the land of the owners.

Recreational activities have always been encouraged. Horses and riding have had a prominent role from the beginning. Many years ago, Walter Thompson volunteered to teach the youngsters of the Valley to ride, provided the parents would buy a pony for all to share. Proudly exhibiting their new skills on this single horse, the first horse show was held in the barnyard in a ring made of pine poles.

Trails Map